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Founder and Chairman

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I've always been an enthusiast," says Matt of one dimension of his role at ?What If!. "I’m very enthusiastic about our company and what we stand for. In business I've realised how useful it is to make goals tangible and how important it is to relentlessly engage everyone with the excitement and stretch of the journey."

At ?What If! Matt works with senior client leaders who are similarly enthused with innovation but often stuck as to how to make it happen. He co-founded ?What If! in 1992 with Dave Allan and led the business to not only grow rapidly but come first in the Financial Times ‘Best Company to Work For’ in Europe awards an unprecedented two times (2005 and 2006). When he's not doing this he's banging the drum for innovation. He is co-author of the best-selling innovation text Sticky Wisdom and author of recently published The Science of Serendipity: How to Unlock the Promise of Innovation in Large Organisations. He frequently speaks and keynotes conferences, providing unique perspective on the bear traps awaiting organisations as they attempt to transform from sleepy giant to nimble innovator. 2012 highlights include keynotes at Harvard Business School, The Economist Future of Banking Summit and Barclays Insight Summit.

Prior to ?What If! Matt worked with Unilever marketing their broad brand portfolio, first in the UK then SE Asia and the Middle East. Matt lives in London with his family. His hobby is having cartilage removed from his knees following marathons he shouldn't have run.

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