New York

Brian Armentrout

Lead Inventor

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ver the course of his career, Brian has leveraged his intrinsic curiosity and provocative nature to positively impact organizations and express his entrepreneurial passion. He puts these qualities to use at ?What If! where he develops innovation strategies for clients like Nokia, Pfizer, Abbott, and Nestlé.

Brian began his career in the business development group at ad agency Merkley+Partners before joining Redscout. There, Brian redefined Diageo's luxury spirits portfolio, helped revive the 100-year-old Del Monte brand, and took a global look at running for Nike. Brian spent two years at ?What If! before moving to the client side on the Innovation team at the yogurt brand, Chobani. There, he shaped innovation process and developed business cases for a number of new opportunities. He is now back at ?What If! and excited to apply the client-side lens on his work.

A proud Midwesterner, Brian grew up near (not on) farmland in Iowa before moving to Minneapolis as a teen. He graduated from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities with a degree in strategic communications and a minor in business. After 8 years of living in Manhattan, he’s exploring what it’s like to be an adult through homeownership in New Jersey, where he lives with his wife, Becky.