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Companies are eager to build their in-house innovation capability, but often have serious concerns about getting started. Here, ?What If!’s New York-based Capability & Culture team shares some quick responses to the questions they’re asked on innovation’s front lines.

1. “Meeting our corporate growth objectives demand more and better innovation—and fast. How do I even begin to confront this challenge?”

First, it’s important to get clear on your innovation ambition and agenda before setting new initiatives in motion. So carefully and specifically define the role innovation needs to play in delivering growth. Where should innovation investments be focused? Is innovation needed to defend or recharge key brands or categories? Do you seek to capture adjacencies and/or move into white spaces? How much disruptive thinking do you have the need—and appetite—for encouraging in the organization?

Once you have the goal well-defined, it’s helpful to examine the current state of play: What kind of innovation pipeline is already in p...


Latest News and Events

  • Moscow, Russia
    Investigating ways for a global food and beverage company to generate strong returns in Russia through organic growth and innovation, focusing on a potential $100 million opportunity to enter a new market.
  • Stockholm, Sweden
    Continuing our partnership with an international beverage company, helping it connect with urban creative millenials in the U.S. by identifying opportunity areas to workshop at an ideation event in Stockholm.
  • Tokyo, Japan
    Riding the next wave of men’s luxury with a high-end menswear label now adapting to an increasingly sophisticated market that’s transitioning away from high-end department stores and toward multi-brand select shops.
  • New York, NY
    TopDog is an immersive experience for senior leaders from a mix of companies and countries who share a common mission around leading for growth and innovation. Go to: for more information.
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Redesigning a global spirits company’s leadership summit to keep the momentum going around its innovation journey
  • Atlanta, GA
    Helping a worldwide hotel consortium drive preference as a venue for small meetings
  • Chicago, IL
    Partnering with a major telecom provider to define how to build customer loyalty for life
  • April 16, 2014
    New York, NY
    Adam Grant speaks at ?What If!

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